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Creative Exploration and Mindfulness - a one-week experiential workshop
2017: October 9-11th 8.30-3.30 daily (10am start on Monday)

€295.00pp (bring a friend for €250) - price includes breakfasts and lunches



Mindfulness and Art

Mindfulness is a simple concept. Its power lies in its practice and its applications. Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment.

Mindfulness is being here now, with kindness and openhearted curiosity.

This kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity and acceptance of reality, and wakes us up to the fact that our lives unfold only in moments.

When we are paying attention to what we feel in our body, what we can hear, smell or taste, that brings us into the present. Communicating in that way improves empathy and compassion and improves relationships with everybody and everything we interact with." (Jon Kabat Zinn, 2005)

Making art can help us become mindful in the moment, just like when one learns to be present in the moment through the practice of mindfulness meditation. In art, we often speak of that moment while making when “flow" occurs-- an experience of losing oneself in the experience, but at the same time being present and engaged in the process. Art expression itself is a way of creating something new from what you already have, but may not have fully recognized within yourself.

One of the great myths about the artistic life is that it contains great swathes of aimlessness. The truth is that an artistic life contains great swathes of attention.”

About the week

Our intention for this experiential three day course is that through the practice of mindful meditation and yoga we allow ourselves to “turn up” to the clay or the page, in awareness.

Insight Mindful ( regularly runs one-day mindfulness retreats, and courses in mindfulness, including the eight-week MBSR programme.

Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre has been the largest privately run crafts teaching centre in Southern Ireland for the last 16 years, and provides a wide range of courses and classes in pottery  to beginners and experienced potters (

For the first time, Insight Mindful has teamed up with artists involved with the Kinsale Pottery and Arts Centre, and teachers from Kinsale Yoga Centre, to bring about a single week-long course in creativity and mindfulness. This course centres on experiences that are designed to facilitate your ability to explore your creative self, and to focus your creative energy.  We encourage you to use the making process as a meditative experience, and so free up your creativity from distraction and over-thinking. Whether you are interested in visual arts, music or writing, you will find this programme relevant to your work.

The Monday-Wednesday programme includes daily one-hour yoga sessions, daily 90-minute mindfulness workshops and meditations and daily two-hour pottery and drawing workshops, with breaks for breakfast and lunch.  The day runs from 8.30am to 3pm, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy both the town and surrounding walks:


  • 10am Welcome and introductions
  • 10.30-11.30am Mindfulness workshop
  • 11.30-1.30pm Pottery workshop
  • 1.30-2.00pm lunch 
  • 2-2.45pm Mindfulness workshop
  • 2.45-3.30pm feedback session


  • 8.30am-9.30am yoga
  • 9.30-10am breakfast 
  • 10-11am Mindfulness workshop
  • 11.15-1.15pm Pottery workshop
  • 1.15-2.00pm lunch 
  • 2-2.45pm Mindfulness workshop
  • 2.45-3.30pm feedback session


  • 8.30am-9.30am yoga
  • 9.30-10am breakfast 
  • 10-11am Mindfulness workshop
  • 11.15-1.15pm Creativity forum
  • 1.15-2.00pm lunch 
  • 2-2.45pm Mindfulness workshop
  • 2.45-3.30pm feedback session


Breakfasts will include fruit salad, muesli, yoghurt, locally made bread and jams, juices, tea and coffee

Lunches will include a buffet including: vegetarian wraps, sandwiches, salads and dips, cheese platter, juices, tea and coffee

Accommodation inclusive options

Kinsale Holiday Village ( offers houses comprising a double, a twin and a single room, lounge and fully equipped kitchen. Self-catering offer: Sunday to Thursday (5 nights). You may choose to book a house as a group, or to share a house with others attending the week. Availability will be on the basis of a minimum of three people per house.

  • Single room occupancy €180pp
  • Shared room occupancy €120pp

We recommend many of the accommodation providers in Kinsale, so please ask for a contact list, or check the Kinsale Chamber of Tourism website

NB. This course will be numbers dependent and limited to 15 participants.  To book and confirm your place, a deposit of €100 is required, (click on Book Now to pay).  Course confirmation will be at least 6 weeks prior to the start date, and if the course doesn't run, your deposit will be returned immediately. Do not book flights or pay for accommodation until the course is confirmed, as they may not be refundable.

Contact Information

Olcote, Ballinacurra, Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland

Tel.: 00353 21 4777758

Mob.: 00353 87 9696901

info (@)

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